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› PMX use improves hemodynamics

Multiple studies and meta-analyses consistently describe Toraymyxin‘s beneficial effect on patient hemodynamics (decrease of vasopressor requirements and an increase of MAP). Vincent et al. documented a favourable Toraymyxin effect on cardiac function in terms of increased Left Ventricular Stroke Work (LVSW) with no change in Pulmonary Capillary Wedge Pressure (PCWP).

› PMX use rapidly reverses  organ dysfunction

Several studies reproducibly report that Toraymyxin treatment has a positive impact on organ dysfunction recovery. Among others, the EUPHAS trial describes a dramatic improvement in SOFA score within 24 hrs of treatment.

› PMX use reduces mortality

A recent meta-analysis by Kellum et al. of all randomized trials of blood purification strategies in sepsis including direct hemoperfusion with PMX showed an overall reduction in mortality from 50.1% to 35.7%, [Risk Ratio 0.69; 95% CI 0.56-0.84]. The authors highlighted that the result was mainly driven by the eight randomized trials for Toraymyxin which accounts for more than 370 of the 827 total patients, with a mortality reduction from 66.9% to 37.3% (calculated from the published data).

Polymyxin B Hemoperfusion


Detection and Removal of Endotoxin in Septic Shock:

The Theranostic Approach of the EUPHRATES Trial

The EUPHRATES trial ( Identifier: NCT01046669) is currently being run in 50 centers in North America. It uses a theranostic approach for the management and treatment of endotoxin induced septic shock. Patients who present with clinical signs of septic shock are screened for endotoxin activity using the EAA™. Only patients with high levels of endotoxin activity are eligible to be randomized into this pivotal trial.

Theranostic Approach of the EUPHRATES Clinical Trial

*(Year of PMX availability is as follows: 1995 in Japan, 2002 in Italy, 2007 in Spain, 2008 in India, and 2009 in Switzerland and Austria)


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