EAA™ Endotoxin Activity Assay

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Spectral’s EAA™ Endotoxin Activity Assay is the only FDA cleared, CE marked rapid diagnostic for endotoxin activity in human whole blood. Endotoxin is an early objective marker for severity of sepsis that may not be identified with traditional clinical signs. Endotoxin is the most important microbial mediator of sepsis, yet, until the EAA™, there has been no reliable method to measure it accurately in the blood stream.

The EAA™ received FDA clearance in 2003 following the MEDIC (Multi-Center Endotoxin Detection in Critical Illness) clinical trial, demonstrating that higher EAA™ levels are correlated with a higher risk of mortality, as well as an increasing risk for developing sepsis. Currently, the use of EAA™ as a diagnostic to drive anti-endotoxin therapy (Toraymyxin Direct Hemoperfusion) in septic shock patients is under investigation in the EUPHRATES trial.

Aside from its approved clinical use, EAA™ is becoming the gold standard for the measurement of endotoxin (LPS) activity, and is commonly utilized in various research studies focused on the role of endotoxin in disease development in both human and animal models.

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