Extracorporeal Endotoxin Removal

by Direct Hemoperfusion with Toraymyxin


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TORAYMYXIN (PMX-20R) a cartridge for extracorporeal treatment of whole blood, selectively adsorbs circulating endotoxins from the blood. The PMX-20R cartridge contains polystyrene-based composite woven fibre with polymyxin B immobilized on the surface through a covalent bond. The blood flows radially and uniformly through the fibres at a rate of 80-120 mL/min before exiting the cartridge. The recommended duration of the hemoperfusion treatment is 2 hours, twice in a 24 hour period.

TORAYMYXIN extracorporeal hemoperfusion removes endotoxin from the blood using the electrochemical properties of polymyxin B, while avoiding known side effects of its systemic administration. The in-vitro adsorption capacity (bovine blood) was measured as 640000 EU. (Sakai et al., 1993)

Toraymyxin endotoxin removal

Toraymyxin Column

PMX Working Mechanism of Action

TORAYMYXIN (PMX-20R) selectively adsorbs circulating endotoxin thereby helping to rebalance the innate immune system. As reported in many clinical papers, removal of endotoxin leads to a decrease in inflammatory mediator levels, as well as an improvement in vascular function and hemodynamics.

As shown in the diagram, Toraymyxin directly adsorbs endotoxin (depicted in yellow), which results in the down regulation of many inflammatory mediators (depicted in grey).

PMX Working Mechanism of Action


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