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LAL vs. EAA™


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How is the EAA™ different from the LAL? 1

The EAA™ uses a highly specific IgM antibody for the most preserved structural component of endotoxin, Lipid-A. This allows the EAA™ to specifically measure endotoxin activity in human whole blood, something the Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) assay is not capable of doing.

The LAL assay is a highly sensitive test for endotoxin measurement in crystalloid solutions, and is not accurate when utilized in whole blood or plasma. This is due to the fact that blood contains many components known to inhibit or activate the enzymatic cascade of the LAL, such as serine proteases. In order to attempt to use the LAL for blood based endotoxin testing, the sample must first be treated with strongly acidic or caustic chemicals, increasing the risk to the user, complexity of the test, and assay time from sample to result.

The EAA™ is a rapid assay (approximately 30 minutes from sample to result) designed specifically for endotoxin activity measurement in whole blood.

1. A rapid assay of endotoxin in whole blood using autologous neutrophil dependent chemiluminescence.

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