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EAA™ and PMX are licensed and available for use in Canada. PMX is not approved for clinical use in the USA, and is currently undergoing the PMA (Premarket approval) process. EAA™ is FDA cleared for use in the USA. The information presented herein is region specific. Please contact Spectral Medical Inc. at to obtain appropriate product information for your country.

Patient Selection:

PMX is indicated for patients with Sepsis and endotoxemia or suspected gram negative infection.

Recent data suggests that the best patients for PMX therapy have the following characteristics:

Septic shock requiring continuous vasopressor support


Multiple Organ Dysfunction (MODS>9)

The following graphic describes the decision making process that should be followed to prescribe

PMX hemoperfusion therapy.

PMX Hemoperfusion Therapy

Clinical Benefits:

The only double blinded, randomized trial of PMX (The EUPHRATES Trial) demonstrated that PMX cartridge therapy increased both ventilator free and renal replacement therapy free days. Additionally, patients who received PMX therapy had a greater increase in mean arterial pressure as well as a decreased requirement for vasopressors. Further, a decrease in 28-day mortality was observed for PMX treated patients as compared to patients who did not receive PMX. A group of patients with baseline EAA™ results of ≥0.60 and <0.90 at randomization, treated with PMX, had a 28 day mortality of 26% as compared to 37% in patients who did not receive PMX (p<0.05, n=194). In the same population, patients who received PMX had a 90 day mortality of 30% as compared to 41% in patients who did not receive PMX (p=<0.04, n=194).

Improvement in Organ Function and Survival Over Time

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