Superior reagents are key to developing exceptional clinical diagnostic products and Spectral continues to provide high quality, high performance biochemicals for research and commercial products. Possessing a long onboard shelf life, Spectral's single-chain Troponin I-C polypeptides, and other reagent products, have been recognized by the market as a premier reagent for large instrument calibration and control. License arrangements are held with industry leaders.

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Monoclonal Antibodies

Recombinant Proteins

MA-4010  Carbonic Anhydrase III

MA-4020  Carbonic Anhydrase III

MA-5010  Myosin Light Chain I

MA-5030  Myosin Light Chain I

MA-6010  Fatty Acid  Binding Protein

MA-6020  Fatty Acid  Binding Protein

MA-7010  Glycogen Phosphorylase BB

MA-8010  Cytochrome C

MA-8020  Cytochrome C

RP-3400  Cardiac Troponin I

RP-3500 Cardiac Single Chain Tn I-C-1

Commercialization of RP-3500 requires licensing from Spectral Medical Inc.

RP-3700  Cardiac Single Chain Tn I-C-2

Commercialization of RP-3700 requires licensing from Spectral Medical Inc.

RP-8000  ProBNP
This item is only available upon special request.

RP-8100  NT-proBNP

RP-9000  Strepdavidin-NC

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